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Dancing with Miss Melodee

Come find your melody. Be anything you want to be!

Dancing with Miss Melodee


Come find your melody. Be anything you want to be!



Melodee Holsinger-Bridges – Miss Melodee

2010 LA Music Awards "Best New Artist" Nominee; Melodee Holsinger Bridges (AKA: Miss Melodee) was born in Pittsburgh, PA.   Upon the release of her first Album "Nothing but Change", Melodee was selected as a finalist on David Foster and NBC's "Star Tomorrow".  She has been performing professionally for over 15 years, but it is Melodee's gift of teaching that she is most proud of.  Her youthful spirit provides a magical connection to her students and the fact that she exudes a "Princess" like kindness is both engaging and inspiring to her young dancers.


Nominated by the 2012 Independent Music Awards for best children’s album, Miss Melodee has been teaching children from 18 months to 10 years of age for over a decade.  She has also starred in and directed many children’s' productions in Los Angeles with The Advent Theater and Little Red Caboose.  Her adaptations and workshops of children’s musicals are huge hits with adults and kids alike. She currently offers classes throughout the Los Angeles Area and has taught Master Classes throughout the US.    Miss Melodee's classes have become destination locations at studios like Put Art In Your Heart and Twinkle Toes, as well as various Los Angeles private schools (The Country School, The Buckley School, CNS and The Westside JCC to name a few). 


Melodee has a BFA in Musical Theater from Point Park College.  Believing in further education, she returned to school in 2010 attending UCLA.  There she worked with acclaimed lyricist Marty Panzer and won the Hal Gaba scholarship for excellence.  Combining her skills as a teacher and her talent for singing, dancing and composing music, Melodee created the "Dancing with Miss Melodee" CD in early 2011.  The successful debut of her "Dancing with Miss Melodee" CD has become the backbone of her teaching and an addictive "must have" for all her students.  She's thrilled that the music she created inspires her young dancers to become anything they dream of.

Aris Archontis – Producer, Songwriter

An experienced musician, composer, and producer, Aris graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production and Sound Engineering and quickly moved to Los Angeles to build a state of the art recording studio.  Since he has composed and produced music for several Disney Television shows including “Shake it Up”, “Good Luck Charlie”, and “Hannah Montana.”  He has had the pleasure of writing and recording music with Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers including may others. 

Jeff SavageSongwriter

Based in Nashville, Jeff is an award winner composer and producer.  As a writer, he has won two Dove Awards, one Grammy Award (co-writer on Toby Mac “Alive and Transported”), and been nominated for 4 Grammy’s.  He currently is with Fontana/Universal Music Group recording music for the group Webster County.

Joseph ItayaSongwriter

Joseph has directed, produced, and composed for more than 30 films, which have been featured at film festivals around the world. A child concert pianist, Joseph worked professionally for many awards as a pianist and conductor, here in the United States, and abroad in Europe and Asia. Joseph wrote and produced Ben's Birthday Present, an illustrated book and CD in distribution around the world.

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Dance Classes for children ages 18 mos - 15yrs located in Tarzana, CA

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Popsy Books

Miss Melodee is a close friend of author and teacher Tammy Laframboise.  Ms. Laframboise is the author of two Popsy Dance Books titled, “Ballet My Way” and “Tap Is A Snap”.    

Dandelion Artists

Miss Melodee shares a close relationship with Sarah McCarthy and has taught her daughter at her studio.    

Miss Melodee Studios Named Best Studio in the Valley by Teacher Resources for Parents.  They have the best resources to help parents enrich their kids and make learning fun.

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