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Dancing with Miss Melodee

Come find your melody. Be anything you want to be!

Dancing with Miss Melodee


Come find your melody. Be anything you want to be!

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IMA Nomination, Best Children’s Album 2012
Rec’vd 5 Dove Rating, Dove Foundation
NAPA Silver Award Winner
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Dance Classes for children ages 18 mos - 15yrs located in Tarzana, CA

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That heavy bass beat. That fun turn of phrase that your children keep singing. That cool melody you just can’t shake. It’s coming from LA’s favorite singer/songwriter and dance teacher for children, Miss Melodee.

From Hip Hop to Pirate dances, Miss Melodee and her dancing shoe friends are rocking the beat for children of all ages. Described as Snow White meets Katy Perry, Miss Melodee's songs and lessons encourage children to gain confidence using their imaginations to explore creative movement and dance.  There's no better way to be healthy and have fun than dancing to a good pop beat.  Her lessons are taught at Miss Melodee Studios, a growing dance studio in the San Fernando Valley and her latest single, "The Freeze Dance" is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, CDBaby, & more for just 99 Cents.  Your kids will love dancing and singing along, and if you’re not careful you may start singing yourself!

Miss Melodee has expanded into a platform of CD’s, DVD’s, Game Apps, Classes, and LIVE Performances that helps kids from 2 to 7 years build the confidence to explore, grow, learn, and use their bodies to be the very best of whatever they choose to be.  The music, website, DVD’s and more enable children to let their imaginations run free so they can enjoy dancing, learning and playtime all at once.

More about Miss Melodee

Nominated for a 2012 Independent Music Award for Best Children’s Album, Miss Melodee’s debut album “Dancing with Miss Melodee” has helped her develop a successful brand of children’s music for a global market of fans including countries like Turkey, Israel, China, South Korea & more. A 2010 LA Music Awards “Best New Artist” Nominee; Miss Melodee has been performing professionally for over 15 years. Her youthful spirit provides a magical connection to her young fans and the fact that she exudes a “Princess” like kindness is both engaging and inspiring. In addition to her singing, Miss Melodee has been teaching dance to children from 18 months to 10 years of age for over a decade. She currently offers classes at her own studio in Tarzana, CA and has taught Master Classes throughout the US. Miss Melodee’s classes have become destination locations at studios like Creation Station, Twinkle Toes, and Millenium Dance Complex, as well as various Los Angeles private schools (Child’s World School, Temple Judea Pre-School, Glen Oaks School, The Country School, The Buckley School, The Oaks School and The Westside JCC just to name a few).

Melodee has a BFA in Musical Theater from Point Park University. Believing in further education, she returned to school in 2010 attending UCLA. There she worked with acclaimed lyricist Marty Panzer and won the Hal Gaba scholarship for excellence. Combining her skills as a teacher and her talent for singing, dancing and composing music, Melodee created the “Dancing with Miss Melodee” CD. It has since become the backbone of her teaching and an addictive “must have” for all her students. After it’s release the album was not only nominated for an IMA, but received a Parents’ Choice Classic, Fun Stuff  Award, a NAPPA Silver Award, and a 5 Dove Rating from the Dove Foundation. She’s thrilled that the music she created inspires her young dancers to become anything they dream of.

What People Are Saying About Miss Melodee

“Melodee Bridges (AKA “Miss Melodee”) is a dynamic performer, musician and teacher. Melodee is not playing a role, she is this delicious character who embodies the life, energy and imagination of youth. Adults will rekindle their inner child and children become engaged and joyous the first time they hear her music or log onto her interactive website. I have experienced the magic of her talents through my daughters and am proud to encourage every parent to give “Miss Melodee” a try. I’m certain you won’t regret it… you may even find yourself singing and dancing along.”

Melina Kanakaredes


Star of CBS’ CSI:NY and NBC’s Providence

“Miss Melodee invites children to engage in dramatic and symbolic play promoting cognitive development through song and dance. Growth in social and emotional domains is assisted through song as children discover their voice in a safe, supported space. Children learn to extend spatial concepts and the development of fine and gross motor skills through dance and movement. Miss Melodee supports language as a conceptual understanding of the world expressed through singing and dancing. Communication and language development is encouraged as children learn and grow in their own unique way expressing themselves in a beautiful work of art.”

Tammy Everett, PhD

Dean, Gleazer School of Education

Graceland University

“Miss Melodee builds positive lifestyle choices and messages into her songs and paints fun word pictures with her lyrics. Sing, Dance, Play and Learn with Miss Melodee. Her music is diverse and covers all types of rhythms.”

-The Dove Foundation

“My daughter loves Miss Melodee. She adores going to dance class and has the best time making friends and learning new things. Miss Melodee has a magic touch with her students. She shares her love of dance and music with them every week.”

– Julie Wolfson, LAlist